About TAMID Group at UW-Madison 
TAMID at UW-Madison is an esteemed business club with high demand and many applicants each year. TAMID at UW-Madison has a diverse group of students stemming from across the country. TAMID has students majoring in various subjects, including Business, Political Science, Economics, Engineering, Communication Arts and more. Each member has participated in TAMID's nationally recognized curriculum, learning about the fundamentals of business applications and the history and background of the Israeli economic landscape.
  • Became a member chapter of TAMID Group in Spring of 2014 and an accredited BBA student by the University of Wisconsin School of Business
  • 58 members in the 2016-2017 school year
  • Have sent a dozen members to Israel to intern on the Fellowship 
  • Our fund won both stock pitches against other TAMID chapters in 2017 Spring
  • Have consulted for over 15 different start-ups
  • Had a 30% acceptance rate in the fall of 2019 due to popular demand
Want to learn about the National TAMID Group? 

Upon being accepted into TAMID Group, each member participates in an interactive educational program for a semester, which prepares them for the consulting or fund track. The program teaches new members basic business principles, such as fundraising, finance, consulting, and building a successful business model. This includes a simulation consulting project, introduction about the fund's pitches, and learning about Israeli's economic landscape. TAMID education believes in learning from doing; therefore, the education process is very hands-on and senior members teach the new members. 


Education members discussing the Israeli economic landscape

Education members creating their simulation consulting project

After completing a semester of education, TAMID members can choose a consulting track or fund track. Members can also alternate between the two tracks from semester to semester. Consulting members are divided into smaller teams in which each team consults for an Israeli start-up company. Each team has a project manager who leads the group and is the main communicator between the start-up and the TAMID group. Start-ups give consulting teams a myriad of projects, including market research, social media control/creation, finding investors, finding customers, etc. Each team must produce a set number of deliverables for their company. Consulting gives students a chance to gain unique real-world experience.

Portfolio: TAMID UW-Madison has consulted for over 15 start-ups including...
Investment Fund

After completing a semester of education, TAMID members can choose a consulting track or fund track. Members can also alternate between the two tracks from semester to semester. Our fund-management team engages in a simulation stock competition against other TAMID chapters and also manages a real-money investment portfolio focused primarily on Israeli-linked securities. Our members develop strong research equity skills and are able to gain real experience. 

In the Spring of 2017, TAMID @ UW won both of their stock pitches against other TAMID chapters. The companies they pitched are:

Arguably the capstone and pinnacle of the TAMID experience, select members participate in an immersive, all-expense-paid, summer internship in Tel Aviv at one of our partner companies in fields such as high-tech, venture capital and consulting. UW-Madison members get to meet members from the other TAMID chapters across the country, while learning and living abroad. TAMID fellows work 5 days a week, go on weekend trips to various parts of Israel, listen to speakers from big Israeli companies and start-ups all while forming new bonds and friendships. Every UW-Madison student who has gone on the fellowship has gained unique and life-changing experiences, many say it was "the best summer of their life!"

Speaker Series

Check out the 1 Second Everyday Video of the 2017 TAMID Fellowship, creating by Wisco TAMID members!

As a way to continue education throughout students' experiences in TAMID, speakers come and present about their expertise and work in applicable fields. Each semester brings different entrepreneurs, employees at accelerators, business professionals, etc. 

In the Spring of 2017, TAMID at UW-Madison had a head of the accelerator, Gener8or, founder of start-up, Dogspotting, and resume and career counselors from the Wisconsin School of Business come and talk to our chapter. We also were able to visit a start-up incubator near campus called 100 State.



Participate in an interactive educational program that integrates business leadership principles with Israel’s economic landscape.


Members may choose to join student consulting teams, advising Israeli companies on the solutions to important business problems.

INVestment Fund

Members can also join the Investment Fund program, in which teams conduct equity research and manage a stock portfolio.


Each summer, members have the opportunity to spend eight weeks in Israel on our capstone internship experience.

Speaker Series

We provide students with opportunities to learn from and interact with prominent business professionals and academics who are experts in their fields.