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Applications are currently closed, but will reopen in the early fall of the 2024-25 school year. Keep your eyes out for the next application opportunity! Please forward any questions regarding the application process to Ella Thompson or Ben Margolis

Frequently Asked Questions

Why join TAMID over another business club?

TAMID Group at Wisconsin is unique compared to other business clubs on campus because of the hands-on opportunities by working and communicating directly with companies in Israel.  As a nationally recognized organization, TAMID Group offers social, business, and philanthropic events that will enhance a University of Wisconsin's student experience.  Students have a chance to grow their network, build upon their professionalism, and work with people from all backgrounds.

Do I have to be a business major to apply?

No!  Although TAMID attracts many business majors, all majors are encouraged to apply.  Our members are pursuing economic degrees, engineering degrees, political science degrees, and more.

Is TAMID a large time commitment?

TAMID Group is what you make of it.  When first joining, there are meetings for education once a week.  After that, a student can either join the Investment Fund track or the Consulting track.  We will continue to have meetings once a week, plus outside research the project requires.

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