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Consulting: Tukoro

Beginning last semester, my team began work with Tukuoro. Tukuoro specializes in voice to text processing for “mobile workforce” companies. Initially, their focus is on any company that actively uses CRM software with workers in the field, such as travelling salespeople reporting information back to their company. Tukuoro’s app transforms this process from manual text entry of forms into a seamless voice “conversation” with the app. The app audibly prompts the user for a certain bit of information, such as the name of the contact a salesperson worked with, and the employee simply speaks the answer. To help with error correction, Tukuoro learns from the company's existing databases what data to expect such as pre-existing company names and will use that to much more accurately match the interpreted voice to the proper result.

Last semester, our work focused on market and competitive analysis on Tukuoro and the CRM market as a whole. We researched Tukuoro’s key competitors for voice recognition as well as evaluated all of the major CRM software providers to direct Tukuoro’s engineering team’s development work. The goal was to figure out Tukuoro’s key strengths to promote in marketing material and the app itself that distinguishes it from its competition. We also drafted blog posts for the CEO to post in targeted user groups to build awareness about the app and generate interest.

This semester, our work has focused on evaluating a large number of companies that utilize software that would integrate with Tukuoro’s app. The intent of the work is to identify several key companies that the CEO will reach out to in order to set up a demo of his app and hopefully a pilot test launch to get feedback. We compiled a list of the potential contacts and their LinkedIn profiles on a Google Doc. We hoped that this would expedite the process of getting in contact with those who would be able to successfully use and promote Tukuoro.

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