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Our Members' 2017 Summer Internships

The TAMID at Wisconsin members had prestigious internships in various fields this summer. The skills they gained through their work experience will be incredibly helpful in this year's consulting and fund projects. Check out what many of them did!

"This summer, I'm working in Chicago as a Summer Associate for the NPD Group, which is a market research company that provides data-driven confidence to give their clients a winning advantage in the marketplace. I've had the opportunity to work on Client Development with the Food and Beverage Consumption team. The main focus of my internship has been assisting in creating the food industries staple report on consumption behavior in America, that is distributed to clients to uncover opportunities and grow their businesses. This internship has given me incredible experiences to learn more about NPD and the rest of the market research industry. It's been an amazing experience thus far, and I can't wait to see what the future brings me!"

-Sloan Oblonsky, Senior, VP of Education

"Hi TAMID Friends & Fam! I am interning this summer at KonnecTo, which is a white-label loyalty platform that is interactive, personalized, and collects & analyzes data! I am the content marketing intern at KonnecTo; I write blogs, help with website development, create platform samples for potential customers, and do market research. This internship has given me the chance to learn so much about B2B companies, the marketing industry, and start-up culture! I am also excited to announce that our TAMID chapter will be consulting for KonnecTo in the fall! I cannot wait to be a project manager so I can stay in touch with my co-workers and continue to help them."

-Abby Shulman, Junior, VP of Marketing & Fellow

"Shalom! This summer I am on the TAMID fellowship and working at a startup in Tel Aviv. The company I am working for is called CastPlus. They are a podcast marketplace that connects brands with podcasters to create podcast advertisements. Now I know what you all must be thinking, “Who even listens to podcasts these days? Isn’t that so 2006?” Throughout my time at this internship I have learned this is not true at all and that the podcast industry is actually on the rise. I am happy to suggest some shows to anyone who wants to start listening to podcasts!"

-Leah Sidell, Junior, VP of Recruitment & Fellow

"Shalom!! This summer I’m interning for an Israeli start-up company called Say2eat right in Tel Aviv! Say2eat created technology that allows customers to order food from restaurants right off of any voice and message application. Now you can order your favorite food by just simply messaging your order to restaurants through Facebook Messenger. I have been working on social media marketing and blogging for the company. My job is to expand their social media presence and to attract more traffic and attention to the startup. I am having such an amazing summer emerging myself in the Israeli startup culture!"

-Julia Birnberg, Sophomore, Project Manager

"This summer I'm interning for M Collaborative, a marketing agency in LA that only takes on clients with a socially responsible mission. This means that all of our clients are looking to give back to their communities in one way or another. I am the Marketing and Events intern for M Collaborative, which means that my daily tasks include content curation for social media, researching potential vendors and designing media for events such as brand launches and popups, and developing sponsored content for Facebook and Instagram. M Collaborative's office is in a shared workspace filled with business leaders and startups of all kinds, making the environment super innovative and team-oriented. I can't wait to see what else is in store!"

-Haley Martin, Junior, Fund Member

"This summer I'm interning at Angelo, Gordon & Co, a private equity firm based out of New York. I've been working in the Real Estate group, assisting the deal team with modeling/underwriting potential new acquisitions, as well as managing and improving the firm's currently owned assets. AG is an excellent working environment, and the people I work with are incredibly smart and impressive! This summer has been an invaluable learning experience, and it has really helped me narrow down where I'd like to go with my education!"

-Ben Miller, Sophomore, VP of Recruitment

"Hi everyone! This summer I’m on the fellowship working for a start-up company called myQuest. myQuest provides a new, gamified, and interactive platform for online courses. It allows any coach or expert to turn their knowledge into a profitable online product in order to influence more people and scale their business. My daily tasks are constantly changing. I often create mini “Quests” for potential clients to show them the ease around our platform. I also find new prospects, write blog posts, and edit emails and reports. This has been the summer of a lifetime filled with lots of new experiences, memories, food, and amazing people!"

-Casey Klein, Sophomore, VP of Fundraising & Fellow

"Hi everyone! This summer I’m working at Google on the New Business Sales team. My team is responsible for evaluating business models for medium to large companies, developing and optimizing campaigns, and ultimately expanding Google’s Digital Marketing Solutions. I have been observing the entire sales cycle and working on projects to improve the team’s efficiency. I have been loving my time here and meeting the most intelligent and friendly people! I am excited to continue learning more and see what the rest of the summer has in store."

-Robyn Ribotsky, Senior, Consulting Member

"Hi all! This summer I’m working for eRated, a fintech startup in Tel Aviv. eRated developed a search engine for sellers on-top of online marketplaces. With our database, you can target and acquire the best and most relevant sellers / merchants for your service. The startup life is fast paced and filled with new and exciting obstacles everyday. My role is working with clients, helping them analyze what platforms their products are sold on and how they are positioned on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. I am so thankful for the Tamid Fellowship giving me the opportunity to learn about the startup ecosystem and introducing me to amazing people along the way."

-Jessica Schwartz, Junior, Fellowship Director & Fellow

"This summer I'm working at BP on the Marketing Communications team. It is my team's job to communicate all of the necessary information from other teams out to customers, and I am working on improving some of the processes involved with this. As a Finance major, most of this is new to me, so I have learned a ton in the 4 weeks. I have also been able to meet a bunch of different people within the company and learn what they do on a daily basis. I am looking forward to learning even more as the summer goes on and my projects come together!"

-Sarah Glazer, Senior, VP of Education

"Hey guys! This summer, I've been interning at ACLIVITI, a small IT consulting firm in Chicago that advises Fortune 500 companies on how to best move their telecom services to the cloud. It's been a challenge to learn all of the information associated with this industry, but made much easier by the people I am privileged to work with. My project is focused on implementing new technology that will streamline ACLIVITI's consulting process. I'm incredibly excited to see the impact my project makes on how they do business! Aside from working, I would recommend spending a summer in Chicago to anyone. Between the lake, Wrigley Field, and the countless concerts and festivals, there is always something going on!"

-Jonah Baron (far left), Senior, President

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