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Softwheel is an Israeli company that has invented a wheel that absorbs shock through in wheel suspension by replacing spokes with a flexible center. I heard from CEO Daniel Bar-El at AIPAC and he said the main advantages of his company’s product are that it creates a smoother ride and increases propulsive efficiency - the efficiency, in percent, which the energy contained in a vehicles propellent is converted into useful energy. The smooth ride is especially important for people in wheel chairs because it increases their mobility, especially when going down stairs and traveling on uneven paths. Bar-El was also very excited about the propulsive efficiency aspect because he believes that Softwheel can create a car that converts a higher percentage of energy into forward movement. Every component of Softwheel's products are blue and white to represent their national pride.

Unit 9900 of the IDF is also known as the "visual intelligence division.” This unit does work such as looking at satellite images for suspicious objects or movements and analyzing complex images delivered in real time from military satellites around the world. In doing this type of work, heightened perceptual skills are an asset. The coolest aspect of Unit 9900 is that it recruits teens with autism. Dozens of Israelis on the autism spectrum are among its members.

At AIPAC, I heard from a soldier with autism who is a part of this unit. He said that he enjoys combing through each each millimeter of the same location from various angles and that being a member of the IDF has significantly increased his social skills and sense of belonging. I think it’s amazing that the IDF has found a way to utilize people with autism!

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