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Israeli delegates present at the Consumer Electronics Show

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, thousands of companies are invited to showcase their recently developed technology and innovations. Israel sends a delegation of companies every year to present at this convention, and they have not disappointed in recent years. Amazing technology is coming of Israel, and here is just a taste of some of the latest Israeli inventions:


GreenIQ’s smart garden system offers a variety of features that has already begun to revolutionize gardening. The technology controls water usage based on current weather and forecasts, and it supposedly can reduce a typical home water bill by 50%. The company claims it has saved over 8 million gallons of water since it was founded in 2013. Additionally, the sensors place in the garden connect to Wi-Fi so water usage settings can be controlled using a mobile app.


IceTron Technologies offers a small, wearable device that acts to reduce body temperature during exercise. It is worn on the wrist, and when sensors indicate excessive body heat, the device acts to reduce body temperature by simultaneously extracting heat and cooling blood circulation through the wrist. This helps the body recover and endure through workouts. The sensors used to detect body heat also detect pulse, temperature, humidity and more with results displayed on a touch screen.


This intelligent technology allows users to communicate across language barriers over the phone. For example, if one person on a call speaks English and the other speaks Spanish, the application can listen to what the Spanish speaker says and immediately translate it to English for the person on the other end. This application has the potential to revolutionize global communication.

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