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Western Wall Expansion

This past Sunday, the Israeli government approved a compromise to expand the non-Orthodox prayer section of the western wall. This new deal achieves a goal that Israel had been looking to reach: “an interdenominational consensus on Judaism’s holiest site with official recognition.” In Israel, there is often much controversy between the Orthodox/Ultra-Orthodox movement versus the Reform and Conservative movements in terms of what is okay and what is not. This decision is proving the idea that there is more than one way to be Jewish and this is what the entire controversy is based upon, upholding the Jewish values, tradition, and culture based upon a wide spectrum and which side is the correct side, if either. This new plan acknowledges Israel’s full equality for women and the freedom of choice within Judaism. This is a huge step for both the state of Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. Since the start of the existence of the state of Israel, it has been based upon traditional Judaism. On Sunday, when the deal was made official, it proved that Israel was moving away from only referring to traditional Judaism and making way to the newer, more reform and liberal ways of Judaism. This is a huge step for Israel, but no doubt there will be some sort of backlash from those who are on the more orthodox side of the spectrum.

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